jeanett simpson and dr. kumarDr.Kumar is a sharp dresser. He takes good care of me and is very professional, very informative. Always greets me with a smile and a hug. Dr. Kumar is a very caring doctor.

—Mrs. Jeanett Simpson

Dr. Kumar is a dedicated physician who provides excellent care to his patients. I am comfortable with the knowlege that the patients I refer to him will receive great care. The feedback that my patients give to me indicates a high level of satisfaction with the treatment that they receive from Dr. Kumar.

As a patient of Dr. Kumar myself, I have experienced his professionalism and compassion first hand.

—John C. LoZito M.D.

Dr.Kumar is a fine doctor. He is always concerned about his patients and their well being. If anyone is in need of a primary care physician, Dr. Kumar is the one.

—The Ross family